06 . 16 . 2017

Your Map to the Stars

In space, no one can hear you scream? Not quite. You’ll definitely be screaming if you send agents to the wrong place in Valerian: City of Alpha. Or at least your superiors will!

Fortunately for you, there’s the Space Map. It will help you send your agents on exciting missions all across the universe instead of through the core of Jupiter or into the belly of a black hole.

It will also make organizing missions and shuttles a snap. The Space Map is divided into various Zones and Subzones but accessing all of them will require you to use your agents wisely. As they accomplish their missions, meet new alien species, and return to Alpha with tons of useful Resources, you’ll unlock new Zones for them to explore.

What will they discover out there besides aliens and Resources? Well, the universe can be a really really REALLY dangerous place. They’ll probably find themselves on strange worlds and in situations where a reliable gun and a few missiles will prove more useful than polite chit-chat. Some of their missions will require diplomacy while others will necessitate something that can make troublesome things go “BOOM!”

Your agents gradually earn Reputation with the different species which in turn unlocks more possibilities on Alpha. If you need to boost your standing with a particular alien species just send a shuttle and crew and do more missions in their zone – they’re sure to notice your heroic deeds!

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