08 . 21 . 2017

Alpha Changelog – Here Comes v1.4 for Android and iOS!

We’re continuing to work around the clock to make Valerian: City of Alpha a truly spectacular experience for the thousands of players worldwide. Thanks a million for continuing to share your feedback and details about the bugs you’ve encountered while exploring the cosmos and building your own version of “The City of a Thousand Planets.”

And now we’re ready to announce the release of Valerian: City of Alpha - Version 1.4 for both Android and iOS. Here is a list of the improvements that you can find in this latest edition of the game:

Game Improvements and Bug Fixes [iOS and Android]

• It’s now easier to discover the Azin-Mo alien species on the Space Map.

• We've fixed an issue with the energy regeneration in Alpha.

We’ve also added some smaller bug fixes and continued making optimizations of both visuals and gameplay.

Please let us know if you encounter any further issues or bugs while you continue sending your agents on exciting missions and searching the universe for amazing new alien species. We welcome any and all feedback via social media on Valerian: City of Alpha’s Facebook page. If you run into any further issues with the game or have questions, you can reach our customer service team at support@valeriangame.com.

So keep doing your best to construct a super cool version of Alpha and we’ll keep doing our best to address your concerns while we continue trying to make the game as big, bold, and all around awesome as possible!

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