06 . 23 . 2017

Intergalactic Engineers - Meet the Omelites

Omelites are scrawny individuals with outsized heads and long dangly arms. The surface of their native planet, Of’Posco, is permanently buffeted by photon storms and covered by unstable electromagnetic fields, so the atmosphere is rich in electricity and so called “transmitter waves”, whose closest but still distant equivalent on earth would be wi-fi.

The Omelites are expert programmers and have developed a society based on advanced information technology. Their species has no predators and has almost complete control over its planet.

When they arrive on Alpha, the Omelites offer to update the humans’ IT systems, which they find defective and obsolete. The World Science Council agrees to their gargantuan overhaul proposals and the Omelites have been responsible ever since for IT development and maintenance (using their laser beam eyes to weld parts). They keep Alpha at the cutting edge of technology and security.

You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a spot for their habitat on Alpha since other alien species are almost always happy to have them around. In the game, they'll construct computer systems and portable networks that are sure to come in handy as you continue to explore the rich universe of Valerian: City of Alpha.

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