07 . 14 . 2017

How to claim your Google Play Store loot box

We promised exclusive goodies to those of you that pre-registered on the Google Play Store. Now that Valerian: City of
Alpha is out, these goodies are waiting for you in the game!

Here is how to collect them:

Step 1. Download and install Valerian: City of Alpha.

Step 2. After you open and start the game, you’ll go through the tutorial. There you can familiarize yourself with the
interface and mechanics of the game. You may need to complete a few missions before you can return your agents to Alpha.

Step 3. When you’ve completed the tutorial, click on your shuttle and select the “recall” button at the bottom of the
screen. This will guarantee that your shuttle returns to Alpha.

Step 4. With your shuttle safely docked, click on the “Agency” icon (the two helmets in the menu on the left). This will open a screen where you can go through your agents and their inventory. It’s very useful to keep an eye on this as it can make a big difference when they go on more dangerous missions (check out our article on Agents and Missions  for further info).

Step 5. While you’re in the Agency, select one of your agents and click on their inventory slots. This will reveal the items from the loot box and you’ll be able to equip them. They’ll help ensure that your agent becomes a force to be reckoned with. Alpha’s enemies won’t know what hit ‘em!

We hope you love the gear and that it will help you earn tons of intergalactic fortune and fame! If you have any problems, issues,
or suggestions, please remember to check out our FAQ page.

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