08 . 03 . 2017

Alpha Changelog – v1.3 for Android and iOS  is here!

Thanks for playing Valerian: City of Alpha and for sending us all of your thoughts and feedback. Your enthusiasm has enabled us to make the game bigger and better. We’re determined to help you accomplish your interstellar goals by fixing the bugs and other issues that have been spotted so far.

We’ve been working hard to fix these problems and we’re proud to announce the release of Valerian: City of Alpha - Version 1.3 for both Android and iOS. Here’s a list of the changes and improvements that you can find in this latest version of the game:

Bug Fixes

● The issue that prevented some people from receiving their daily login bonus has been fixed. [iOS]

● We’ve fixed the issue with the unusable habitat cells. [iOS and Android]

● Some players reported that the game was getting stuck at “89% loading.” This has been fixed. [iOS and Android]

● We resolved the issue with the missions “The Moons of Grace” and “The Imperium Planet.” You can now discover new alien species in these missions and successfully continue the game afterward. [iOS and Android]

Game Improvements

● We added new and quicker navigation to the menu. [iOS and Android]

● We applied some UI improvements to the grid production and factory layout. [iOS and Android]

● Additional performance improvements have been added as well. They’ll help you further explore the Valerian Universe without limits. [iOS and Android]

We’re still working around the clock to address the bugs and issues that all of you “Station Masters” have sent in so far. We’re grateful for any and all user feedback. If you encounter a bug or other problems while you’re playing the game, or if you have any questions, please contact us at: support@valeriangame.com.

Good luck with your next adventures out there in the cosmos!

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