06 . 29 . 2017

Space master chefs - meet the Boulan-Bathor

The Boulan-Bathor from planet Goara have developed a society centered on food and the gastronomic arts. Goara is one of the lushest, most hospitable planets in the galaxy. Its mild climate and lack of parasites and predators make Goara ideal for agriculture. Since the dawn of time, the Boulan-Bathors' history has been linked to harvests and crops. To keep their sensitive palates stimulated, they have become experts in transforming their homegrown produce into delicious feasts.

The Boulan-Bathor (or the alphas of the species, at least) have genuine ambitions and a sense of entitlement that perfectly complement their business sense. They are never slow to use their economic influence to ensure that the right political decisions are made, particularly in terms of preserving their monopoly and elitism, which are the foundation stones of Boulan-Bathor society.

In Valerian: City of Alpha, the Boulan-Bathor provide ORGANIC category resources, make sure to rotate and position them next to other species to unlock their resource potential!

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