07 . 18 . 2017

Alpha Changelog – v1.2 is live on Android!

The first week of Valerian: City of Alpha’s launch has been amazing – the result of more than  a year’s work hit the app stores and we’re overwhelmed by the positive feedback from those of you already investing hours and hours into the game!

BUT, you have also helped us uncover some bugs and flaws and we’re working (almost literally) around the clock trying to address as many of them as quickly as we can.


We’re happy to announce that today we’re releasing Valerian: City of Alpha - Version 1.2 on Android and have made the following changes:


-     Some players reported getting stuck on tutorial missions with the Mercury and Kortan Dahuk. This has now been fixed – those affected will be put at the beginning of the game.

-    Some of you have had their items disappear after crafting – this has now been fixed.

-    Stuck on Day 1 Login bonus? This has now been fixed - starting from today you'll be receiving the correct daily login bonus.

-    We have fixed the bug where your shuttle gets stuck while travelling.

-    Some players have reported getting a prompt for access to their device’s contact list – this has now been fixed.

General game improvements:

-     We’ve added descriptions to Command Center Objectives to help guide you in the game.

-     We’ve made balancing changes so in the early stages of the game you will progress faster.

-     We’ve made visual improvements displaying your energy in the Shuttle Bay and the Space Map.

-     We’ve made visual improvements on the Grid.

-     We’ve also improved the tutorial so you should get better guidance in the beginning of the game.

We’re continuing to work on several other fixes for Android and iOS and hope to bring them to you ASAP. If you’ve caught a bug and would like to report it please contact us at support@valeriangame.com

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