09 . 18 . 2017

Alpha Changelog – v1.5 for Android and iOS is Ready to Blast Off!

Valerian: City of Alpha just keeps getting bigger and better. Much of that is thanks to you – our players and the feedback and suggestions you’ve sent us over the past several weeks.

Because of all your dedication and hard work while you’ve strived to build your own versions of “The City of a Thousand Planets,” we’re now proud to announce the release of Valerian: City of Alpha - Version 1.5 for both Android and iOS. Here’s what’s packed into this latest edition of the interstellar mobile strategy game: 

Game Improvements and Bug Fixes [iOS and Android]

●     It’s now possible to find Shady Karl in every zone and he has something special to offer you!

●     New players can purchase a starter kit with everything they need to explore the infinite Valerian universe.

●     You can now find space batteries on the Space Map that will recharge your shuttles’ energy.

●     The crafting requirements will now give you a hint about where you can find their required resources.

●     You can get three permanent blueprints from the blueprint loot boxes. They’re currently available in the store!

●     Additional information about unlocked zones will now be shown on the Space Map.

●     The game will now prompt you to update if a new version is available.

●     Additional bug fixes.

 As you already know, the universe is a mighty big place! Please inform us if you encounter further issues or bugs while you’re out there exploring its every corner.

 We welcome any and all feedback via social media on Valerian: City of Alpha’s Facebook page. If you run into additional problems with the game or have questions, you can reach our customer service team anytime at support@valeriangame.com.

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