06 . 28 . 2017

9 Tips That Will Help You Build an Alpha That’s Truly Epic

In Valerian: City of Alpha, you’ll control how “The City of a Thousand Planets” developed over a period of many decades. Agents and the citizens of Alpha alike will be depending on you to make the right decisions. Here’s some tips that will help you build a super cool metropolis instead of an intergalactic slum.

1. Discovering and attracting new alien species

Explore the galaxies around you to discover new alien species but be prepared that they won’t move in right away. You’ll need to complete missions in their sector and build up your reputation in order to gain their trust and get them to join the Alpha project.

2. Resources, resources, resources…

Resources are the building blocks of Alpha and you’ll need lots of them. They can be used to build items and equipment that can tremendously boost your chances of successfully completing a mission.

A word to the wise - different configurations of species on the grid produce different resources. Make sure to keep an eye on the grid and keep rearranging species depending on your resource needs.

3. Make more space in outer space

If you’re running low on space on your grid, you’ll need to focus on pushing the game’s timeline ahead. Check the objectives in the Command Center and make sure that you’ve assigned shuttles and crews to complete story missions marked in yellow on your galaxy map. Once you’ve moved forward in the timeline, you’ll unlock the option to expand to another district grid to populate with more alien species.

4. Check your grid often

It’s a good idea to check the grid often to keep resource production going. Each habitat has a limited storage capacity so when the limit is reached your production is stopped – make sure to collect the resources in a timely fashion to keep production going.

5. Stay energized

Shuttles require energy in order to zoom around the universe and perform missions. If one’s tank is running low, you can wait while its regeneration system refuels it. If you’re in a rush, you can always send it back to Alpha where you’ll have two options - either refuel at a faster rate in the docking bay or if you’re really in a hurry - spend small amounts of Simors to refuel instantaneously.

6. Power up!

Your power level impacts how well a shuttle and the agents on it will do while they’re on missions. If you send them into a really intense mission with a low power level, they’re probably going to fail. To boost your power level, make sure to equip agents and shuttles with items and devices, these can be invaluable help in missions and can be crafted in the Factory.

7. Factor in the factory (and the items and devices it makes)

Your factory is where you’ll construct useful items and devices for not just Alpha but your agents and shuttles too. For each item to be constructed you need a blueprint which you can find by successfully completing missions in space. Pay close attention – some blueprints are consumable (they’ll disappear after you construct the item) while others are permanent!

8. Recruit some extraordinary recruits

Each agent comes with a certain skill. Most of them have skills that are pretty common but, every so often, you’ll come across a new recruit that’s extraordinary. They could become a legendary agent just like Valerian or Laureline! They’ll have skills that are rare or even legendary. These skills will help you kick some major alien butt during missions when your power level might not be quite up to scratch.

9. Paradise Alley

When things are getting too hectic in the Command Center, you can take a break down in Paradise Alley. It’s the place to go if you want to recruit super high quality agents or grab some Simors. These will help you out in tons of ways but we don’t want to spoil it all for you. You’ll find out soon enough once you dive into Valerian: City of Alpha.

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